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BSL for Customer Facing Staff

This training is unique as it is specifically designed to introduce staff to British Sign Language (BSL) relevant to their place of work. Bespoke training is aimed at customer facing staff who need to learn basic communication in BSL so they can better facilitate customers who are Deaf or interact with colleagues whose first and preferred language is BSL thus improving the working environment and making your customer service provision more accessible.

The courses will be delivered by a Culturally Deaf Teacher using BSL at your workplace/organization or training center and the BSL Teacher will introduce the frontline staff to basic BSL vocabulary signs that are tailored to meet your precise requirements.

For example: the everyday work signs you would require to converse with customers to better facilitate communication; There is particular focus on dialogues and conversation skills relating to your mode of Business or Organisation; if you were a large public organisation such as a college or retailer and have first aid staff responders then key phrases could include: I am a first aider, My name is, Do not move, Where does it hurt? Do you have an inhaler? Do you take medication? Have you taken anything? Etc.

Staff attending would be asked over a week to note down the phrases and questions they say on a daily basis and then this would be compiled and the most common ones would be taught. This is not about conversation – sitting down with a client and having a cup of tea and a chat (a general BSL course would do that) but targeting important phrases and situations your staff might be in on a regular basis.

Frontline training is down to client preference – we do recommend a minimum 15 hours but appreciate training budgets are restricted so the Academy has introduced a shorter contact option to suit every organisation’s needs.

Sessions are tailored to the times and length of course best suited to the needs and financial constraints of the individual organisation; You may opt for a one-day session and then decide to build on this when you see the benefit of the training.

An Example Session:

Tailored 15-hour BSL training can be delivered over 3 weeks, one day per week for 5 hours or it could be 2 ½ days over one week.

A 6-hour course could be delivered in 3 x 2 hour sessions schedule to suit staff commitments – i.e. One morning/week; One full day 9.30-12.30 then 1.30-4.30; Three mornings /week etc.

The course can be adapted to meet YOUR requirements and fit in with the needs of your workplace.

All Academy courses can be tailored to match your needs so if you would like to discuss a course to suit your organisation please contact us: